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    Today many people find it difficult to go to gym due to the busy schedules they have. Cross trainer is an equipment which helps you to work out at your home itself. It will help you to stay fit and also improves your overall performance. They are also known as elliptical trainers.  It is a less- strained method of exercise that provides muscle-toning benefits for the upper and lower body. It helps you to loose weight and also improves your heart. It also offer several other benefits.
    You should always select machines that have the capability to work the upper body by using handlebars for you to push or pull while exercising. When a person moves the handle bar to and fro, an upper body cardio-vascular movement occurs. With these the body will also works harder and increases your heart beat rate faster. Another advantage of buying  a cross trainer is that, it also provides weight bearing exercise apart from the finest cardiovascular workout. This form of exercise also strengthens the bones and minimises the risk of osteoporosis. 
    It also have muscle toning benefits particularly with models that let the user increase the resistance and the incline level. The person on the cross trainer can easily regulate  the resistance, speed, and intensity of the workout.  Depending on these settings, the machine will adjust to work  the desired parts of the body like  gluteals, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Some people may choose to stand on the elliptical machine without using the hand grips. This will help to improve balance and strength.
    There are mainly two types of cross trainers, they are given below:
    §  Belt cross trainer:  It takes much lesser space and quite affordable. It offers a basic work-out. They just offer one level of resistance ie. you just need to move the pedals and levers.
    §  Magnetic Cross Trainer:  They generally use magnets to create resistance to your pushing and pulling. They also provides efficient training to improve your fitness level.
    You should always look out for tension levels in all the products.The number of levels of resistance of a cross trainer can go up to 75.

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