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    How To Make Ginger Milk Tea

    Are you a ginger tea lover? Then trust me you will truly fall in love with this new variety of ginger tea!! Ginger milk tea!! A wonderful recipe to fill your mouth! Don’t worry of this spoiling your body as it contains only ingredients which could rejuvenate it with health!

    Before starting up, ginger milk tea will be a great drink providing you with holistic benefits and doesn’t shoot up your fat levels as ginger would counter act on milk fat.

    • Take two cups of water in a saucepan to boil.
    • Heat it until it is boiled nicely.
    • Take an inch of ginger and grate it nicely after peeling off the skin. Don’t add it now.
    • Now you can add the freshly diced ginger along with 2 teaspoon of black tea or green tea powder.
    • Take minimum 2 tablespoon of sugar and add to the boiling tea as ginger and tea leaves turn yellow.
    • Remove off the saucepan once the brew is nicely boiled.
    • Keep in closed to steep for about 5 minutes.
    • After it is steeped well, strain off the tea.
    • Add about 3/4 cup of milk to the two cups of ginger tea.
    • If you wish you drink it rich and frothy, you can pour the content into the blender and blend it nicely.
    • Serve it right away!

    Do’s and Don’t's of ginger milk tea

    • It is good that you put enough amount of ginger if you are boiling 8 cups of water.
    • Boil ginger nicely until the water along with leaves turn yellow.
    • Drink it hot to get the fresh holistic feel of the drink!

    So are you ready to take up this pungent though flavorful ginger delight! Take ginger and start the recipe

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