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    Tattoo Removal

    Tattoo Removal - Best Information To Remove Tattoos

    The art of tattoos has always been prevalent in our society. The increased interest in tattoo placement has given rise to the need of effective tattoo removal methods. There are a number of reasons behind one’s desire to remove tattoos. These include change of taste, problem in getting job, blurred tattoo, desire to get new tattoo design etc.

    Tattoo Removal

    If your tattoo is blurred then a professional tattoo artist can redo and improve it. You can easily find a professional tattoo artist who can create completely different design on existing tattoos. However, for those who are interested in tattoo removal, there are various methods to undo a tattoo.

    The traditional procedures used for tattoo removal were painful, unsafe and most of them resulted in scars or discoloration of the body. With the advancement of technology, improved, safe and efficient solutions for removing tattoos are introduced. Today, laser technology and other innovative ideas have made tattoo removal more gentle and effective procedure.

    Today’s modern technology does not guarantee that after removing tattoo, your skin will look exactly as it was. This is because results may vary on the basis of type of tattoo and the skin of the patient. This is the reason why a licensed and well-reputed dermatologist should be hired for tattoo removal.

    Below are some basic types of tattoo removal methods:

    1. Laser Surgery: This is one of the most common methods used for tattoo removal. In this method, the pigment in the tattoo is broken down into small fragments with the help of laser light. With the passage of time, fragmented ink and tattoo fades away. In this regard, Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) is an effective form of tattoo removal.

    2. Excision: This form of tattoo removal is mostly used for getting rid of small tattoos. In this method, the area is cut down with the help of surgical excision and then the skin is sewed together from either side. This method is rarely used for large tattoo removal whereby the affected skin is excised in stages.

    3. Dermabrasion: In this method, the top of skin containing tattoo is frozen with the help of chemical spray and then skin is rubbed away. This tattoo removal approach requires several repeated sessions including healing period.

    The cost of tattoo removal varies from clinic to clinic as well as depends on the complexity and depth of tattoo. Laser tattoo removal methods cost far greater than the amount you spend on getting the tattoo in place.

    No matter what tattoo removal method you use, there are chances of getting scars or discoloration. There are a number of factors that affect healing time after tattoo removal. These include size of tattoo, depth of tattoo, method used and patient’s internal recovery process etc. Always go for a reputed dermatologist for removing tattoos and clearly discuss the procedures, possible results and care. An expert will be able to treat your tattoo in a much better way and will give you better advice about care of treatment area.

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    Tattoo Removal

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