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    Thigh Workouts For Women

    Doing thigh workouts are very necessary for women if they want a perfect feminine figure. Thigh work outs can be done easily at home without even going to a gym. You can see interesting results within four to six weeks. You will get better results if you do aerobic exercises and take a healthy diet along with this workout.  Some of the thigh exercises for women are given below:

    Thigh Workouts For Women

    ·         Keep your back against a wall. You should stand in such a way that your feet shoulder width are set apart and point your toes little outward. You should balance your body weight equally between both feet and then lean back towards the wall. Inhale and keep your heels in contact with the floor repeatedly. After that slowly lower yourself towards the floor balancing your feet with your legs bent. Exhale and slowly straighten your legs keeping your head and chest up, going back to the initial position. Repeat this as needed.

    ·         Start by keeping your feet together. Slowly pull your shoulders back and down,  tighten your abdominal muscles to support your lower back. Pounce forward with your right foot and lower your hips towards the floor and  bending your back leg. Keep on lowering your body until your front thigh becomes parallel with the floor and the for leg bone of the right leg is leaning little forward. Keep your back straight and bend little at your hip while lunging. You can keep your arms down at your sides or  even keep your hands on your hips. Go back to the initial position. Repeat this as needed after every one hour.

    ·         Lie on your stomach on a mat by keeping your legs together. Reach behind you and hold your right ankle with your left hand. Pull your right heel up as far as you can. Hold on to this position for at least thirty seconds. Repeat as needed on other side. Keep in mind to hold on to this position for ten seconds.

    ·         Stand behind a platform; keep your right foot onto the step and alter the weight to the heel. Push into the heel to come onto the step. You should use only the right leg and  use your left leg for getting balance. Slowly step back down and repeat this with the right leg before doing the same movements on left leg. Repeat this for better results

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