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    Pilates Workout For Weight Loss

    Joseph Pilates exercise method supports weight loss, although this is not its primary focus. Pilates’ main objective is to tone the muscles of the body, stabilize the core and improve stability and balance.  By applying the techniques and practicing it every day, you also burn fat effectively. Pilates mostly stretches hard-to-reach muscles and deep layer tissues which requires more fat to burn. In Pilates, you also experience increased heart rate which requires your body to burn more fuel to keep going, so your body will use fat as it’s resource.

    If you are planning to use Pilates techniques as your weight loss program, you will have to modify it to meet your requirements. Normally, a Pilates movement is mostly stretching and toning targeted parts of the body in a slow tempo so you could properly focus on aligning your body.  In typical weight loss efforts, you will need to increase your tempo and concentrate on your breathing. By improving your breathing patterns, you will be able to keep up with faster pace required in burning calories.

    This could pose a problem if you are doing Pilates with a group of people especially if some of them joined the class for different reasons other than yours. Beginners and intermediate classes conduct their Pilates classes in a much slower tempo since this is the recommended pace for the two levels. Sometimes, advance classes implement higher intensity, Pilates sequences, but you should not join these classes if you are not experienced and ready for that level of Pilates. You will still have to attend the beginners’ classes to make it to the advance classes and that solely depends on your instructor if he or she will allow you.

    On the other hand, you can also do Pilates routines at home, assuming you already understand the principles behind each and every Pilates position that you will encounter. This way, you can control the pace and tempo of your routines according to your choices. Moreover, you can select routines that you feel are working for your body. Also, do take note that Pilates is a training method meaning it trains your body; expect your body to hit a plateau after it adapts to the movements. To avoid this, it is best to apply variety and spin routines every once in a while. Equipment will help you with your weight loss efforts because they create resistance and impose challenge to the body. The idea is to introduce something new to your routines on a regular basis so your body won’t stop exerting effort.

    If you are engaging in Pilates for weight loss, you should also know that it takes time, energy and dedication for this exercise method to work out. As with any other exercise method there is, results will never be instant. It will definitely take dedication from you. Even though weight loss with Pilates is somewhat harder to achieve, its results tend to be longer lasting than instant weight loss programs.

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